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Worn at: Motor City Comic Con '99 (Novi, MI), Animania Con ja nai (Ann Arbor, MI), Animagic 2K (Lancaster, CA), Halloween 2K (holiday, spent walking the streets of Santa!)

Future appearances: Possibly


Let's see...where to start....  Well, the shirt was made by my Grandma; easy to make, as far as I know....  Pants and shoes were bought in a store, belt is a piece of elastic, cape is just a blue piece of cloth.  The reason I don't have the swirls on the cape is...well...see...the cloth is absolutely beautiful, and I love it so very much that I didn't want to risk ruining it by putting anything on it (it's become my blankie ^_^).  The ring holding the two ends of the cape together (which can't be seen in the picture) is actually a shower curtain ring (we had an extra laying around) that I spray-painted gold.  The white parts around the legs are socks that I cut the feet off of, and then I glued the black laces around while on my legs (I have to actually rip the laces off to get the sock off...which means every time I wear this I have to use new socks and every few wearings I have to replace the laces, but it's the only way I can get them to stay up...and it's really comfortable ^_^).  The necklace has gone through a few changes.  The first one had solid red plastic beads and ping-pong balls painted green with poster paint, attached to fishing line; version 2.0 (seen in the picture) uses clear-red beads and wooden beads spray-painted green, on elastic necklace-making string.  The same tassel was used for both.  I did have a staff, once upon a time, made out of clay, spray-painted gold, and attached to a broomless broom-handle...but it had to be left behind when I moved to CA, and I think my dad threw it out...and I really don't feel like making another.  The picture up there is...pretty bad.  I hadn't gotten a picture all day, and when someone finally got around to taking one for me it was after I'd already taken everything off and had been lounging around for a few hours; it was thrown on in a minute for the picture (and, no, I didn't wear my watch during the day). ^_^  I had gotten hairpieces (blue), but never got a chance to use them.  If I ever do this one again, I'll have my hair all styled correctly.  ^_^ The Tasuki plushie came from Setsuna and Haruka Kou's Sailor Moon Specialty Shop.