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sailorstarsun as Gakuto Mukahi Hyotei's Gakuto Mukahi


Worn at: JTAF 2003 (San Francisco, CA), Yaoi-con 2003 (San Francisco, CA), Fanime 2004 (San Jose, CA), AX 2004 (Anaheim, CA)

Future appearances: To be determined...


I'd like to say this was an easy cosplay.  It's just a shirt and shorts, right?  WRONG!  I had to have a friend of a friend go all the Hell over Japan to find the Hyotei jersey (of course now they're easy to find...  .-_- ).  He had to have it ordered from a certain store and blah blah blah.  It was a bit difficult to get a hold of.  But I did eventually get it.  The wig was pretty easy to find; there were several common styles that would've worked just fine . . . it just took me a few weeks to decide which one I wanted to get.  ^^*  The only cutting I had to do was the bangs, because his are in an odd V shape instead of straight across.  Then I also had a little trouble getting shorts because they just don't sell them this time of year. ^^  (I was looking during late fall)  Then it occurred to me that, what better place to get tennis shorts than a sporting goods store?  ^^*  So once I figured that out I found 'em easy.  (actually, its a funny story that on the day I finally went out and got the shorts, I came home and found the jersey and wig had arrived on the same day!  ^^ )  Then grabbed up my racket (because I do actually play tennis ^-^ ) and tada!  ^_^  Hyotei's saucy little bitch!

I have, since the first wearing, also ordered the official Hyotei jacket, with "Mukahi" embroidered on the inside.  =3


Taken at JTAF 2003:

The bendy flippy uke! Gakuto Mukahi and Kaoru Kaidou Bad Mamushi! Bad! Battle of the century! Gakuto vs. Gattsu! Who will win!!!? Surrounded by the enemy! Aww, aren't they...umm...cute...? Gakuto is smexy in his Midou Ban sunglasses. ^,^


Taken at Yaoi-con 2003:

Behold the fluuke! Battle of the bendy ukes! Kikumaru has a chibi Gakuto on his lap. .^,^ Gakuto smiles, but he's really plotting his rival's death..  .^^ ....or maybe something else.  .^_~ Cali-chan as Kikumaru, sailorstarsun as Gakuto, and Hiku as Ryoma! Where Gakuto shows he can be just as snarky as Ryoma, while Eiji considers getting new chibis. Yes...there will be death.....


Taken at Fanime 2004:

The doubles pairs of Hyotei Gakuen. The Hyotei tennis team.


Taken at AX 2004:

Gakuto and Yukimura Teddy love! Eiji and Gakuto A line of tennis players. The bendy red-head brigade. <--- no, I am NOT actually touching Bunta's crotch...  .^^**