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Worn at: Otakon 2001 (Baltimore, MD), AX 2002 (Long Beach, CA), WIC-TOP 2003 (Milpitas, CA), Yaoi-con 2004 (San Francisco, CA)

Future appearances: None planned..


^_^*  This is another one that I just sort of started putting together simply to see if I could...and I did...  The pants and belts were bought (of course), and the shirt was a button-up shirt that I had, but shortened the sleeves of.  His shirt sleeves go to his elbows, and the shirt I had went to the wrists, so I cut the cuffs off, snipped off the excess sleeve, and re-attached the cuffs at elbow length.  The red part is just a piece of cloth with a hole cut for my head (like a tunic) and black pieces sewn on.  Collar and cape are just pieces of cloth (I like wearing a costume with a hides my big ass ^^*).  The first diadem (worn at Otakon '01) was a piece of plastic, used from a tub of cookie-dough mix  ^,^  painted gold.  I had bought a little crown to glue it to so it'd stay on my head...but it broke most of the day the diadem was just resting on my head....and it kept falling off.... ~_~  The second one (AX '02) was cardboard, painted gold, and had a rubber band attached to it.  Kept it on quite well, but I had a major headache by the end of the day from it, because it was so tight.  The third one (WIC-TOP) was one AA-kun made out of molding clay for me, painted gold, and glued to my forehead with spirit gum.  .^^  It stayed on.  Oh stayed on.  Worked really well, so (provided nothing happens to it...  ::knocks on wood:: ) it'll be my permanent one now.  .^_^  For the wrist parts...the white part is just a piece of cloth.  For the red I was going to get red elastic...but couldn't find any.  Then I thought of getting red socks and cutting the feet off of, using the elastic top part...but I never got around to buying the socks.  The day of wearing came and I realized I had nothing for them..  ^^  then my cousin and his Sanosuke cosplay came to my rescue for the second time that year.  Since he wasn't wearing Sano that day, he let me use the cloth strips he'd used for...whatever they were for. ^^*  I just wrapped 'em around my wrists over the white cloth. ^_^  Worked nicely.  I didn't have any boots that would work, so I got brown shoes and a brown cloth of the same color and wrapped the cloth around my ankles.  ^_^  Makeshift boots.  The hardest part of the whole costume was the shoulder plates.  ^^*   Let's just say...a little cardboard, a lot of colored tape, and a lot of paint.  As for what the spikes are made out of...well, now, that is a secret. ^,^  I also made his staff, which is just painted pieces of wood glued together.  ^_^  I like it.


Taken at Otakon2k1:

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Taken at AX 2002:

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Taken at WIC-TOP 2003 (and stolen donated from the BACA Boys' page .^^ ):

Too tired to think up witty comment..... Foooood! What did you expect from a (mostly) untamed animal?  .^^ this picture = *love*