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Worn at: AX 2001 (Long Beach, CA)

Future appearances: None planned, but I would very much like to again someday.


Hoo-boy....  This one was...pretty fun, actually.  ^_^  Let's see....  The shirt was a tee shirt that I bought at Wal-mart; I cut the sleeves and neckline off and made a bunch of tiny little snips to give it that torn look.  Pants were sweat pants that I cut the waistline out of, then sewed two sets of belt loops on, made from the cut off sleeves of the shirt. ^_^  I found the perfect boots at the Goodwill store for $7.  The belts...were another story....  You would not believe how hard it was to find two identical white belts!  It was a pain in the ass!  Either the stores didn't have any white, had white, but only one, had two white but were XXXXL, or had two reasonably sized white belts...that were $22 each!  Irk!  Finally, about two weeks before AX, I found a good pair for $5 each...  ~_~  Just in time....  The hair was done using Knox gelatin.  Made the stuff all nice and goopy, then put it in my hair (eww!) and laid upside down for a while, combing and blow-drying it to a perfect shape.  Then used lots of hairspray for good measure.  The white star was made with face paint, which my cousin, AAron, did for me.  At first I had the Jagan (third eye) painted on my forehead...but I accidentally rubbed it off... (boku wa baka na no da...)  So AAron let me have some of the gauze he was using (as Sanosuke) and I made a bandana out of it.  ^_^  Worked nicely in an emergency pinch.  My Kurama in the pic with me is my pal Hilde-chan. ^_^


Taken at AX2k1:

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