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Worn at: Fanime 2003 (Santa Clara, CA), Fanime 2005 (San Jose, CA)

Future appearances: who knows~  .^^  But definitely some day!


This one was really really easy...but it still took a long time to put together... ^^*  You don't realize how hard it is to find a plain white jacket with a high collar that zips up like that.  And I had to find two! for Mew-chan's Matsuri cosplay, which was identical to mine.  But I did eventually find 'em, and all I had to do after that was add black bias tape to the top, bottom, and over the zipper.  The rest of the outfit was just black pants.  The next hardest part, after finding the jackets, was growing my hair out. ^^  And it was supposed to be grey, but I think mine was way too blonde....  It's hard (see: impossible) getting a color like that!  Unfortunately we didn't get enough pictures to show the cosplay decently.  -_-  That's the problem with doing obscure series.....


Taken at Fanime 2003:

Sing it! Matsuri, Chris, and Hiromu performed their song 'Koi de All Right!' for karaoke. ^^ Betcha didn't know Hiromu is a Gattsu fanboy. ^_~