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inori sailorstarsun as Inori


Worn at: AX 2003 (Anaheim, CA), Yaoi-con 2003 (San Francisco, CA)

Future appearances: Someday!  I don't know when..but someday..


This cosplay is absolutely beautiful and I *heart* it all over the place and wear it whenever I can (which...isn't very often..).  =3  Let's see....  The shoes I bought in Japantown (San Francisco), the pants are just sweat pants.  There's also a kimono-ish undershirt (that I don't think can be seen in the picture) that I just bought a light cotton robe and cut off most of the length for, to make it shirt-sized (as opposed to robe sized.. .^^ ).  The pants were actually white, and the robe I got in a light pink, so I could dye them together and get the same shade of red, which worked out nicely.  The cap I....well, at first I bought one of those do-rag things and tried painting it with fabric paint so it'd be the right color...but I didn't realize the paint would soak right through the cap, making it stick to the box I was painting it on....  .^^*  So when I pulled it off the box, a lot of cardboard went with it.  Bleh...  So...I just cut up that one and used it as a pattern to make one from scratch!  =D  I used blue and yellow spandex (actually...they didn't have it in yellow, so I bought white and dyed it yellow - came out beautifully!  very deep and shiny =3 ) and sewed it by hand.  Worked like a charm.  Then used some of the leftover yellow material for the sash around the waist.  .^_^  Then, finally, the main overshirt....I had made for me.  .^^*  Because I had no clue whatsoever how to make it...  So I owe a very big THANK YOU to a very special person (you know who you are  .^_~ ) for making it for me on such short notice.  *love*  And I love it!  The sleeves are so billowy and...and... just.... pretty.  .*_*  .....  Oh yeah!  The jewel on my forehead is just a little plastic gem, glued on with spirit gum.  The was also the issue of Inori having his left ear pierced three times.....  Yes, I went out and had some extra holes punched into my head.  .^^  So the whole thing was completed with some cheap jewelry.  There's a *lot* involved in this cosplay, but I love it sou much.  =3


Taken at Yaoi-con 2003 (and blatantly stolen from Eurobeat King's gallery at .^^  sorry Al!):

inoricosplay4.jpg (44814 bytes) inoricosplay3.jpg (40937 bytes) inoricosplay2.jpg (44800 bytes) <---I love this pic to all Hell  .^_~