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Other cosplay-related sites on the 'net.



Nezumi's Cosplay Shoppe

Another great and wonderful seamstress for commissioned costumes.  Always a pleasure to deal with.  .^_^

HUGE cosplayer database.  I'm not actually a member of this one (because I think it's full of snobs..) but you can find a huge amount of pictures there.  Including the galleries of my friend Al, more commonly known as Eurobeat King.  Many Several pictures on this site are stolen borrowed from his galleries.  .^,^

Another large cosplayer database.  I am a member of this one.  .^,^   Very well organized.  (and not so focused on elitist snobs... .>_> )


Made in Jutsu

A good friend of mine's cosplay site.  See the pretty costumes!!  =D


GomuGomu no Cosplay

An awesome cosplay group, known for their HILARIOUS masquerade skits.  .^__^   Geared mostly toward 'One Piece' cosplay.

Just for the hell of it, visit my homepage!!  =D



Link meh!

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