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Worn at: Otakon 2001 (Baltimore, MD), Yaoi-con 2001 (San Francisco, CA), AX 2002 (Long Beach, CA), Yaoi-con 2002 (San Francisco, CA)

Future appearances: probably  ^,^


Wai!  I love being Omi!  Every time I wear this I get all kinds of glompage. ^,^  ::ahem:: ....  Really easy to put together.  Everything was store bought.  Shorts are men's (which I've shortened), as are suspenders (::squints::  which can't really be seen in the picture because of the color..).  The black jacket was bought at the Goodwill store, nice and cheap. ^^  It's good.  And I did have darts in my pockets too. ^,^  Gloves I borrowed from a friend...and still haven't returned..... (sorry, Beth!)


Taken at home:

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Taken at Otakon2k1:

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Taken at AX 2002:

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Taken at Yaoi-con 2002:

Omi found a comfortable seat  ^_^ Closer shot