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Worn at: AX2K (Anaheim, CA), Animagic 2K (Lancaster, CA), WOA Halloween party 2K (just...a Halloween party....), AX2K1 (Long Beach, CA)

Future appearances: Possibly


This is my most noteworthy cosplay; everyone says "oh, you're the perfect little Quatre!"  It's the height thing... ^^*  Shoes and belt are everyday items.  Pants were bought especially for the costume; they're men's pants, a little big to hide traces of a female figure.  Shirt was bought at the Goodwill store for $1 (^_^ I'm economical).  The vest was the hard part....  No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find vests with a collar like that, so I had to make one.  Of course...there also wasn't a pattern for I (with much help from my roommate...ok, she really did most of it....) had to splice together a few patterns...and this is what came out.  Not exact or perfect, but it'll do. Since it's debut (at AX2K) I've taken the sides and shoulders in a bit...but I still don't think it's right.... ~_~  ::sigh::  My hair is naturally dark, dark brown (almost black), and it took about a week to bleach it all blond (for a while there I had a rainbow of hair colors).


Taken at Animagic 2K:

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Taken at home  ^^ :

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Taken at AX2k1:

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I've also done Quatre in the Preventers uniform, which was just a jacket, which I had made by Setsuna and Haruka Kou's Sailor Moon Specialty Shop, jeans and a white shirt.  Yeah...I took the easy route on this one. ^,^*

Only one picture, and it's not very good.....  (I just do not take good pictures....)

Taken at Animagic 2K:

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