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Worn at: AX 2001 (Long Beach, CA), Ani-Magic 2002 (Lancaster, CA)

Future appearances: ::laughs::  Well, I wear it to work every other week; does that count?


The world's most unknown cosplay. ^_^***  Thousands of people at AX...and one knew who I was....  And she had been talking to me for five minutes before she realized it.  ^_^**  ("yeah, and so... Oh,Satoshi!"  ::laughs::)  Anyway, this one was pretty easy to do.  The hardest part was finding red pants.  ^^*  I just bought the pants and white shirt at the Goodwill store, and then added the red stripe to the collar of the shirt with fabric paint.  The yellow tee shirt was bought at Wal-mart, which, coincidently, is also where I got my glasses (which were selected with this cosplay in mind.... ^^*).  I did also make a white belt and bring a little notebook to carry in my pocket...but I forgot to grab them when I went out to cosplay....  ~_~  But I did have the blue hair!  ^_^  I had a picture taken...but (go figure) that roll of film broke...and it was the only roll with that cosplay on it....  DAMN IT!  So the only remotely good pictures I have now are ones taken without the cool blue hair... ^^


Taken at home:

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Taken at AX2k1 (from far, far away...  donated by friend Renée):

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Taken at Ani-Magic 2002:

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