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Worn at: Yaoi-con 2005 (San Francisco, CA)

Future appearances: absolutely some day!  I just...don't know when...


Ah...where to start....  Well, I decided to cosplay Shou 'cause I adore little soccer boys.  ;P  And when the awesome Nori said she'd love to do Shige, it was decided.  And after much studying of several versions of their uniforms, we decided upon the long-sleeved manga version (mostly because...long-sleeved shirts were easier to find that time of year... .^^   and manga version because it has more little details that are cool  .^_^ ).  The shorts, socks, and shoes were obviously pretty easy, as they were simple things that could be bought and worn unaltered (though admittedly, I had a hard time with the shorts because I couldn't find any that were plain white, without any stripes or logos or anything, or didn't have a size that'd fit me, or were way more than I wanted to spend...  I think in the end I settled and spent more on them than I really wanted to...  but I made up for it in the shoes, because I have little baby feet and was able to buy child-size cleats for cheap  .^_~   -  the socks I ordered online, and prayed to the GODS that they would be the right color.  luckily, they were.  .^_^ ).  The shirt was the complete opposite; that thing took so much work for those "little details that are cool."  .>_>  First painted on the lettering.  Yes, painted.  This took about a week for each side (the "JOSUI" on the front and "9" on back), because I had to paint coat after coat to get it decent-looking.  Then another week to paint the neckline white as well (the fabric just absorbed the paint like WOAH! .o_o ).  Then sewed ribbon down the sleeves and around the cuffs; which was done by hand because I'm not good enough with a sewing machine to sew straight.  .o_o   The little sakura blossom on the left sleeve was rather simple, even though I couldn't really paint for the life of me, but I had a good time mixing the paints to find just the right shade of pink.  .^_^  Then I realized there's a little "J" on the blossom...which I just drew in with felt pen.  ;P   Then the red patch across the neckline, which was also pretty simple (even though I didn't get it in straight the first time... .^^ ).  And then sewing on the collar.  .o_o  Because the base shirt didn't have a collar, so I bought a sweater with detachable collar, and used that spare collar for this shirt.  .^^  I think it all turned out really well.  .^___^  And is definitely one of the most comfortable, and fun, cosplays to wear.  .^_^


Taken at Yaoi-con 2005 (and mostly stolen from .^^ ):

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