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Page updates...of course.  It's a wonderful thing.



3/2/06 -

Holy crap, an update!  D=   Put up the Shou section.  I know I've got a LOT of updates/new sections to do, but have been really, really lazy  .>_>  Hopefully I'll catch up...someday...


9/27/05 -

Wow, it's been a while...  But I got the Yuuta section up.  ...  Yeah, that's all.  I've actually got a TON more to add (as usual..) but have been big time lazy...  .>_>


1/20/05 -

First update of the new year!  yeeey!'s just a few new pics up in the Zephel page from Yaoi-con 04.  .^^  And also updated the 'future' section, so's ya can check out what's in store for me in 2005!  .^_~


11/5/04 -

Finally got around to putting the links section up.  Not many for now though...  I know I have TONS of updates that need to be done, but I've just been so busy this year!  .;_;   I will put a serious effort to getting around to it though....maybe..  .>_>  I have added a few new pics to the Gakuto page though...


5/9/04 -

Okie, got the Inori section up, finally, and added one little entry in the 'future' section.  Will try to work on more later.


3/29/04 -

Just tiny little photo updates in the Goku, Zephel and Gakuto sections.  Enjoy.  .^_^


9/20/03 -

The cosplay that came out of nowhere... I now have a section for Gakuto.  Also updated the 'future' section, though I haven't made pages for all the cosplays I did this year yet....  ^^*


8/19/03 -

Got Hiromu's section up...finally.  I know this is taking me a pathetically long time, but I've been in quite the slump lately, and haven't felt like doing much of anything.  Bear with me...


7/20/03 -

Now that the 2003 convention season has begun, I've started getting more cosplay sections up.  ...veeery slowly.  I've got Zephel's page up, and will try to hurry with the others.. ^^*  Try being the key word.. (too lazy...)  Ooh, and I did finally get the Yuki section up. ^^  But it turns out I don't have any pictures for it...  -_-  Bah...


2/12/03 -

Just two quick new entries in the future section.  Ya kind of depresses me that I get more stuff in the future section than completed cosplays...  ^^*  And I swear I'll get the Yuki section up someday!  ^^**


11/16/02 -

Added the Yoh section, done at Ani-magic 2002.  A few new pics in the Yukito, Omi, and Satoshi sections.  Future section updated.  I also cosplayed as Yuki Sohma at Yaoi-con, but I don't have any pics, so haven't put that section up...yet.  Be on the lookout for it though.  ^_~


7/13/02 -

Added the Yukito section, which was done at AX 2002, and updated the 'future' section.  I don't have all my planned future cosplays in there, but should be getting the rest in a short while.


5/17/02 -

I finally got the page updated  ^,^  adding the section for Shuichi, which I did at Fanime '02.  Plus, I've added a guestbook on the main page.... GO SIGN IT!!  ^^


3/16/02 -

Tiny li'l update.  Have another entry in the 'future' section.  A cosplay I was never really serious about is slowly making it's way to completion, so I stuck it up there.  ^_^


1/29/02 -

All the sections are up!  Yaaay!  Well...all except the 'links' page....  I have to dig up links to add. ^^


1/23/02 -

Got the beginnings of this page up and running!  Yay!  Not much though....  The only sections currently up are Satoshi, Omi, and future cosplays.  ^^*  But I'm working relentlessly, so there's sure to be more to come soon!