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yuki.jpg (16006 bytes) sailorstarsun as Yuki Sohma


Worn at: Yaoi-con 2002 (San Francisco, CA)

Future appearances: I hope so.. ^^


It's funny...I started off with the idea of cosplaying as Hatsuharu from this series, then at Anime Expo I said I should be Yuki, just so I could joke about being "Yuki and Yuki" referring to my Yukito cosplay (Card Captor Sakura).  And of course, my friend Kim says "yeah! then I can be Haru and we can play together!"  ....And thus it was so.  The outfit itself was easy to make, already had black pants (for work), just bought a black shirt (from the Goodwill store, no less ^,^  they are a cosplayer's dream store) and altered it, cutting it to the proper shape and length.  Then I added the white trim with bias tape, sewing it all on with my new mini-sewing machine ( !! ).  ^_^  'Twas pretty easy...except that I got really lazy in the last stretch, and didn't end up completing it until right before Yaoi-con (by pinning the last bit together.. ^^ ).  The white tie was also store bought, and was probably the hardest thing to do. ::laughs::  Because it's so hard to find all white ties in the proper size!  (had to be small, since it's so short... a regular sized tie would have looked stupid, like a clown tie..)  This is the first wig I've ever worn that I actually liked.  Got a regular bob-cut grey wig off e-bay, then cut it the proper shape.  ^__^  I'm so proud of it!  ::wipes tear::