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Worn at: Katsucon 2005 (Arlington, VA), Fanime 2005 (San Jose, CA), Katsucon 2006 (Washington D.C.)

Future appearances: aah... we'll see!  .^^


Yuuta is LOVE IN A BASKET!!  .^__________^   And cosplaying him is SOU refreshingly easy!  .^^  Got the St. Rudolph shirt off Yahoo!Japan Auctions, used the same brown shorts I made for Salt (....whom I don't have a page up for yet... .^^* ), bought some white wristbands, shaved off all my hair, drew on a little scar with eyeliner, all set!  =D  Of course my favorite accessories at Katsucon was having my very own Aniki and Mizuki to fight over me all weekend.  ;P


Taken at Katsucon 2005:

fujicestcosplay9.jpg (31102 bytes) "Aniki, I'm trying to work out here....  ....  Aniki..." fujicestcosply.jpg (17811 bytes) OMG brotherly "love" !!! fujicestcosply3.jpg (14290 bytes) fujicestcosply4.jpg (11617 bytes) fujicestcosply5.jpg (15193 bytes) fujicestcosply8.jpg (16515 bytes) mizukidejected.jpg (16996 bytes) mizuyuucosplay.jpg (69554 bytes) Yuuta pzwns all!! fujicestcosplayb.JPG (40210 bytes) fujicestcosplayd.JPG (37750 bytes)


Taken at Fanime 2005:

Al-ki-hall is Yuuta approved! fanime62.jpg (86567 bytes) "See, Aniki. The Bible says we *can't* have 'relations'."